• Effective Date: July 11, 2023
  • Last Updated on: September 06, 2023

Krank uses the third-party entities below (each, a “sub-processor”) to process personal data (i) on behalf of Krank customers and in accordance with contract terms between Krank and the sub-processor to uphold Krank's commitments in Krank's Data

Krank carries out annual compliance reviews of its sub-processors, and where the engagement of a sub-processor requires the cross-border transfer of personal data, Krank conducts Transfer Impact Assessments in accordance with applicable data protection law for these data transfers. Krank imposes obligations on its sub-processors to implement appropriate technical and organizational measures ensuring that the sub-processing of personal data is protected to the standards required by applicable data protection laws.

Further information relating to sub-processor security measures can be found via the external links below. For each sub-processor below, processing of personal data will be for the duration of use of the applicable service(s) by the customer, and for the retention periods as set out in customer’s agreement with Krank and any product documentation. Please note that if you use Krank data residency, pinned data remains in your specified location as described on this page.


Nature and Purpose
of Processing

Location of Processing

AWS (Amazon Web Services, Inc.) Cloud hosting provider EU-WEST (London)
Carbon60 Cloud Manage Hosting Provider Production Environment (London) DR (Disaster Recovery) (Canada)
Cloudflare, Ltd. Manage DNS service provider USA
Stripe Payment Gateway or Payment Processing Platform UK
Newrelic Application Performance Monitoring USA
Mailgun Technologies, Inc. Communications technology provider for product notifications USA
Microsoft Corporation Email and Identity Provider UK and EU
Hubspot Inc Marketing, Analytics, Statistics and Optimization EU
Ipinfo High-level location insights derived from an IP address. These generalized insights include the country, region, postal code, city, and latitude or longitude of the nearest city center. USA
Google Analytics Marketing and Analytics USA
Hotjar Analytics and Feedback USA
GTM (Google Tag Manager) Tag Management USA
Google Maps Displaying Maps USA
Google Charts Compliance with legal obligations, Functionality USA
Google Ads Conversion Tracking Conversion Tracking, Analytics, Measuring the success of marketing campaigns, USA
Google Ad Manager Advertisement USA
Google Ads Remarketing Remarketing, Advertisement, Tracking users' actions USA

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