What is Krank, and why is it unique?

Connect + Grow

Krank uniquely connects individuals and companies with our proprietary technology. This enables you to build direct relationships, trust, and grow your network while managing your entire selling process.


Amplify + Sell

Krank leverages the network effect which enables you to reach more high-intent buyers, convert faster with reduced costs, improve sales revenues, and scale your brand and business.


Leverage Data

Take full control over your data from end to end. Generate actionable insights and influence buyer behaviour with built-in analysis, customer analytics, and forecasting.

Why Krank?

Solutions to get your
network, selling & buying



SME’s, buyers & sellers

Compare the great features and benefits for SME’s, buyers & sellers.

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SME traders & equipment dealers

Compare the great features and benefits for SME traders & equipment dealers.

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OEM solutions & fleet owners

Compare the great features and benefits for OEM solutions & fleet owners.

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Market Leaders

Some of the world's leading
brands trust Krank

It's your market own it - grow it

Krank public marketplace

Sell and Buy, utilizing
the power of the network
in our public marketplace

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Your fully branded Krank app will enable you to connect with your phone contacts, collaborate and communicate with all your contacts in one intuitive app.