Customer Experience Agent

London, United Kingdom

Krank is in search of a qualified Customer Experience Agent to be our initial representative for customer service.. The ideal candidate will navigate customers through user-friendly scenarios as they address queries about Krank. These duties warrant quick resolutions and multi-tasking while engaging with customers.

* Act as the person to turn to for customers via email and live chat by addressing issues and providing answers to questions with a friendly, professional approach.
* Be the go-to customer representative to address glitches, problems, or friction points. Retaining customer empathy
is a priority.
* Create chat and email template responses for frequently asked questions.
* Help operation and product groups in isolating trends during support probes..
* Offer outstanding customer support to users over email and chat platforms in a hectic setting.
* Listen and try to comprehend a user’s needs for the sake of coming up with appropriate solutions.
* Ongoing education about the industry, taking responsibility for your position and all it comes with.
* Think progressively and offer solutions for issues potentially on the horizon.
* Simplify complicated endeavors so that customers can understand things easily.
* Be able to work weekend rotations and early mornings when necessary.
About the Applicant
* Preference will be given to applicants with a college degree.
* More than 2 years customer service background in a high-volume setting.
* Remain organized and able to handle task prioritization in a dynamic office setting.
* Outstanding verbal and written communication skills with a firm emphasis on details.
* Experience with existing support software and CRM is a bonus.
* Extensive experience using Microsoft Office, Google Suite, and internet-based portal computer skills.
* Strong work ethic as well as a high degree of professionalism and integrity.
* Familiar with customer support in a high-regulated field, financial technology, or a prior startup company is a bonus.
* Have a passion for establishing connections and enhancing experiences for customers.
* Adaptable to new environments with quick-thinking abilities.
* A genuine interest in commerce and people.
* Ability to instill passion in fellow peers.

What’s in It for You?
* An environment where you can evolve and learn, as well as solidify areas of interest; exposure to numerous groups and procedures.
* An opportunity to work in a quick-paced company that concentrates on advancement and modernization.

Job Type: Full Time Part Time
Job Location: London