Senior Product Designer

London, United Kingdom

Krank is in search of a qualified design leader who can be in charge of the UX, design, and product strategy as a whole. We are a development-centered consumer organization that uses mobile apps, digital goods, and tangible products. We seek someone eager to develop all features, as well as make development choices in a position that will evolve. The candidate we are looking to employ is passionate about development. This individual is content working alongside cross-functional groups to stimulate product strategies for innovative, quality mobile solutions that please our users.

* To develop quality experiences and processes that are instinctive and pleasant.
* Operate on an executive level with strong attention to detail.
* Offer input on product development and strategies to advance the group’s quality level.
* Work with the Head of Engineering, as well as Product and Development groups to offer an exceptional experience for each user.
* Play a role in establishing a system that can be used on various platforms and products.
* Monetary infrastructure/process enhancement: Put together procedures and systems on an ongoing basis. Assess existing procedures, determine the most optimal practices, and establish approaches to achieve objectives with improvement implementation.
About the Applicant
* At least four years’ experience with hybrid UI and UX (end-to-end) product development in a product organization.
* Outstanding interaction skills (you must have the ability to adequately explain your development choices).
* Be able to make decisions on an executive level regarding product vision and strategy (more than just “how things should appear,” rather, “what we must create”).
* History of creating and shipping software or apps (web/mobile).
* Mandatory portfolio showcasing development work examples.
* A moderate amount of experience with front-end coding (you must have the ability to program a basic app or website).

Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: London