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Become a part of the construction equipment industry’s fastest growing community, by signing up today! Krank lets you unlock your business potential by letting you create business networks on a secure platform.

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Krank makes networks easy to set up, allowing you to control your communication flow!

Leverage your existing network

Re-energise communications with your existing network of contacts. Invite them to view your inventory, ensuring they are the first to be notified as soon as new items become available. Cut through email noise by using our communications tools allowing you message, meet, exchange images, documents & information seamlessly.

Grow your network

Acquire new contacts & add new companies to your network using Krank. Connect to new contacts via enquiries from our public marketplace, the Krank news feed or promoting your inventory via your own social channels. Once you connect to a new company use Krank to review relevant employees within that firm to connect with.

Feed your lead pipeline

Our auction functionality allows you to run your own auction, but it is also an effective lead capture method. Sell the auctioned machine, connect with all bidders, sell other stock or contact them again in the future. Krank helps you fill your lead pipe not just for today but also tomorrow.

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